bootswitch v0.6.0

For multi-theme sites, Bootswitch allows a site to configure the Bootswatch theme based on a method set in the initializer file.

customizable_bootstrap v0.11.1

Customizable bootstrap is designed to get you up and running with a customizable version of boostrap using SASS.

bootstrap_leather v0.10.13

BootstrapLeather is a collection of view helpers and scaffold generators that makes it easier to create apps using Twitter Bootstrap

bootstrap_pager v0.11.0

Like its ancestor Kaminari, BootstrapPager is a Scope & Engine based, clean, powerful, agnostic, customizable and sophisticated paginator for Rails 3+. Now with more shiny, including infinite paging, bootstrap integration, and the ability to use it within an engine.

private_person v0.5.0

Private person is an active record extension gem that allows a model to be given privacy settings over arbitrary models and polymorphic relations, putting users' accounts in control of their own privacy policies.

museum v0.5.8

For organizations that want to market a gem in style, Museum uses APIs to provide you with an ever-fresh marketing site for your gems.

social_tokenizer v0.2.0

Tokenizes strings for use in social applications.

paid_up v0.13.21

Allows a model of your choosing (such as users) to subscribe to a plan, which enables features.

friendly_id-method_scopes v0.3.7

FriendlyId Extension to allow method scopes, in addition to column and relationship scopes.

message_train v0.7.6

Rails 4 & 5 Engine providing private and public messaging for any object, such as Users or Groups

date_book v0.1.4

Rails 5 Engine to give users their own calendars of events.

works_cited v0.1.16

Works cited allows you to add a list of the works cited in ActiveRecord objects, to be formatted by a helper that can be added to relevant pages to format the citations like a bibliography.

cookbook v0.1.6

Cookbook allows you to associate instructions with components in a cross referenced way. Good for cooking recipes or an instruction manual for DIY projects.

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